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Our favourite Netaudio DJ Christian Grasse broadcasted this battle “Goliath against Goliath” via campus radio Bielefeld on the 4. or March, 2009. Now you can grab the show as a single MP3! Hear the giants of Netaudio Pop clash.

The Poni Republic vs 12rec. @ Popmoderne
[direktlink | .mp3/60:16min/80mb]

Jasmin – “Rote Sonne” 12REC
About – “Think Niles Drink” THE PONI REPUBLIC
The Great Mundane – “Unpacking The Day” w/ Fuellsand 12REC
Rob Hunter – “Spill” 12REC
Yellow Yesterday – “Sunday Song” THE PONI REPUBLIC
allthatfall – “Miranda July” 12REC
Silverstone – “Why” THE PONI REPUBLIC
Milhaven – “New Orleans” 12REC
Anthna – “Loving Raw Bands…” THE PONI REPUBLIC
Werner Kitzmüller – “Saliva” w/ Alexandr Vatagin 12REC
Hi Lucy! – “Smoke With Bears” THE PONI REPUBLIC
David Schweighart – “Prager Lovesong I” 12REC
Heartbeeps – “Hat & Gloves & Scarf” THE PONI REPUBLIC
The Sleeping Tree – “Ninth Leaf” 12REC
Hey Chica! – “Curse the Space” THE PONI REPUBLIC
Protestant Work Ethic – “Set Out To Take On” 12REC

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