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creative commons music 85 //milhaven – milhaven

milhaven_-_milhaven_cover instrumentale gitarrenmusik. postrock. damit lassen sich milhaven kategorisieren. im grunde machen die weiterhin das, was sie auch schon davor als netlabelreleases (ebenfalls auf 12rec) abgeliefert haben. und genau das gefaellt mir.

Their songs are epic and kinescope, still they never get out of hand or loose the melodic focus. This is classical Postrock, slightly experimental but eventually nothing else than sophisticated Pop music.
songs that will stick in your head, that take you on an aural trip and will enrich your life. What else can music offer?

haett ich nicht besser zusammenfassen koennen. deshalb hab ichs auch nicht gemacht.

milhaven bieten das release nicht nur auf 12rec zum freien download an, sondern verkaufen das album auch als cd bei valeot.

zum label: aaahh records
zum release: milhaven – milhaven [12rec061]
[direktdownload | .mp3/49:23min/93mb]

sonntagsmusik 20

Our favourite Netaudio DJ Christian Grasse broadcasted this battle “Goliath against Goliath” via campus radio Bielefeld on the 4. or March, 2009. Now you can grab the show as a single MP3! Hear the giants of Netaudio Pop clash.

The Poni Republic vs 12rec. @ Popmoderne
[direktlink | .mp3/60:16min/80mb]

Jasmin – “Rote Sonne” 12REC
About – “Think Niles Drink” THE PONI REPUBLIC
The Great Mundane – “Unpacking The Day” w/ Fuellsand 12REC
Rob Hunter – “Spill” 12REC
Yellow Yesterday – “Sunday Song” THE PONI REPUBLIC
allthatfall – “Miranda July” 12REC
Silverstone – “Why” THE PONI REPUBLIC
Milhaven – “New Orleans” 12REC
Anthna – “Loving Raw Bands…” THE PONI REPUBLIC
Werner Kitzmüller – “Saliva” w/ Alexandr Vatagin 12REC
Hi Lucy! – “Smoke With Bears” THE PONI REPUBLIC
David Schweighart – “Prager Lovesong I” 12REC
Heartbeeps – “Hat & Gloves & Scarf” THE PONI REPUBLIC
The Sleeping Tree – “Ninth Leaf” 12REC
Hey Chica! – “Curse the Space” THE PONI REPUBLIC
Protestant Work Ethic – “Set Out To Take On” 12REC