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Dimpidub – DimbiDeep Music
[download | .mp3/60:01min/83mb]

Welcome lovers of dub and deepness in electronic music. This mix is a representative one for the sound of the upcoming new digital label “DimbiDeep Music”. The acoustic spectrum will be coined by spacious soundscapes, a lot of delays, reverbs and different coloured noises. We´ll try to setup a selected artistroster for a very special experience in dubtechno and dubtronica with artists such as Quantec, M.Rahn and Dimbidub … we are also looking forward to interesting collaborations with Echospace, QOON, Salz and many more … the first releases will come up in spring 2011 , so keep in mind, watch out, listen and enjoy the trip!

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imigration is not a crime!

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reality… i’m not interested

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2 jahre

mal wieder ein kleines jubilaeum:
vor (fast genau) 2 jahren ist gestartet. kurz danach wurde auch ich eingeladen, bei dem projekt von barbara und peter, mitzuwirken. das war dann sogar vor genau 2 jahren. seitdem hat sich einiges getan. mit die groessten ereignisse in dem zusammenhang waren sicherlich folgende:

Wir haben die letzten zwei Jahre viel politisches Hickhack in Österreich zum Thema E-Voting erlebt, den Aufstieg und Fall von Ex-Minister Hahn, der um jeden Preis E-Voting umsetzen wollte. E-Voting hat in Österreich wie auch im benachbarten Deutschland (Stichwort Wahlcomputer-Einspruch) versagt, dennoch werden elektronische Wahlen weiterhin in Betracht gezogen – womit weiterhin gefordert bleibt.

wir haben also das zweifelhafte vergnuegen weitermachen zu duerfen ;)
in diesem sinne: happy birthday!

safe & sound im tv

ein projekt ueber das, meines erachtens, viel zu wenig berichtet wurde, hat jetzt seine 5 minuten tv (in deutschland) bekommen.

safe & sound, ein projekt zur aids-praevention in belize, wurde gestern in einem viereinhalb minuten beitrag bei zibb (rbb) portraitiert.

safe & sound hatte ich hier und an anderen stellen im netz schon ein paar mal erwaehnt. zum einen der hehren ziele wegen. zum anderen auch, weil dabei ein richtig guter sampler unter creative commons lizenz entstanden ist (… und wahrscheinlich weil ich stephan auch persoenlich kenne…)

wie auch immer – den beitrag gibts jetzt noch knapp eine woche in der mediathek zu sehen und etwas laenger hoffentlich in der tube:


vinyl attack


“INTO THE COSMOS” is ChopsyAnimations ( first foray into the world of music videos, a tie-in with music maker Architeq from Tirk Records.

Originally it was conceived as a short film by Chopsy (director Darren Robbie), with a simple premise: “what happens to all the old vinyl people used to play? From out of attics, rubbish bins & forgotten shelving, the records are summoned to an old warehouse by a mysterious ‘collector’.”

Using a combination of stop-frame, pixellation, live-action & time lapse animation, it was shot in a variety of locations around Bristol & was created by shooting entirely in camera whenever possible (at other times multiple passes were combined). By shooting each frame within a specific timescale for the external shots, we see vinyl records interacting with the ever changing natural light & weather (dry or wet, sunny or cloudy) – if you look closely you can even see puddles drying out in a couple of shots.

The short film was created on & off over a period of 7 months by a bunch of friends between paid work, a real labour of love (it had no budget to speak of). It was shot in late winter earlier this year with the spring & summer being used to do all the post (mainly rig removal). All the records you see were cut before shooting, with new centre labels stuck onto them to create the desired visual effect of them spinning & bouncing through the ground, they were then animated on location using weighted rigs.

Architeq added the music & sound effects after filming finished & the first edit was completed. Rigs were removed, different passes combined & shadows cleaned up in AfterEffects. Motion capture on location was achieved by using Dragon software on a laptop, which was in turn powered by a portable caravan battery. Cameras used were the Canon Eos 5 & 7.

Credit list:

Director: Chopsy
Producer: Kev Harwood
DOP: Toby Howell
Animators: Darren Robbie, Inez Woldman (additional help: Wendy Griffiths, Ed Patterson)
Compositing: Jim Lewis, Bram Thweam, Darren Robbie
Appearances/pixellation: Ian Whitlock, Bobby Proctor, Robin Crowther-Smith
Rigging: Craig Atkinson
Gaffer (warehouse shoot): Clive Scott
Editor: Nikk Fielden


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dBstep documentaire:
a music documentary about the fast growing dubstep-scene in Belgium. It will contain deep/fun/strange interviews with DJ’s, producers, promoters,… and hyper/energetic/exploding shots from our main dubstep events. And btw: 100% Belgian soundtrack!!

Starring in this production: Bunzero, Benga, Borgore, Headhunter, Starkey, Truth, Piro, Saviour, Grimelock, Kastor & Dice & Sim, Gaz, Truth, Mate & Fudge, Science, Goldorak & Solpher, Geeks, Cal & Sikey, Soi, AKS & Selah Sue, Phonetics, The Soulblazers-crew, The Furthur-crew,…

download (.flv | 38min/350mb)

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