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free e-book: “New Music Strategies – The 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online”

ich hab noch nicht reingelesen, empfehle das also quasi blind weiter. aber spannend hoert sich das schonmal an:

”Andrew Dubber’s “New Music Strategies” attempts to unpick and explain what’s going on in the online music environment – and from that, develop strategies to help independent musicians and music businesses cope and thrive in a changing media environment.”

das buch steht nicht explizit unter einer creative commons lizenz, darf aber ohne bedenken, fuer nicht kommerzielle zwecke, verbreitet werden:

This free e-book is yours to keep, read, distribute, turn into newsletters, give away on your website or otherwise do with what you will in any non-commercial setting.
When doing those things, please remember to credit my authorship and provide a link to the New Music Strategies website (http://newmusicstrategies.com). Much appreciated.

english version (.pdf)
spanish version (.pdf)
chinese version (.pdf)

[via kfmw.blog]