rktic – 5 hours dubtechno set

rktic 5h dubtechnoder titel sagts eigentlich schon und die playlist spricht auch für sich.

ganz grosses kopfkino, dass rktic da abgeliefert hat!

[link | download]

rktic – Intro
Atheus – Unendlich
Claro Intelecto – New Dawn
Gubatz & Van Bonn – Marathon (Dublicator’s Long-distance Dub)
Luke Hess – Reel Life (cv313 Dimensional Space Mix)
Rhythm & Sound – Distance
Leftover – Release
cv313 – Subtraktive (Intrusion’s Road To Zion Dub)
Hallucinator – Black Angel
Anders Ilar – Trails & Stairs
Pendle Coven – Chord Calculus
Bvdub – Remembering To Forget
Basic Channel – Remake (Basic reshape)
rktic – A walk on deep snow
Answer Code Request – Escape Myself
Petar Dundov – Oasis (Substance & Vainqueur Remix)
Silent Harbour – Metaphysical Storm
Roberto Figus – Azure
CraigMc Whinney – Divinity (Echologist Divine Intervention)
Ray Kajioka – Diffusion
D. Diggler – Organic Rain
Marco Zenker – Mysterious Moments
Ovatow – X dub I
Diego and Voco Derman – Symbolism
Rhythm & Sound – Smile
cv313 – Seconds To Forever (Original Mix)
Chris Issak – Dubbed Out Games (TrenteMøller’s Unreleased Mix)
Roman IV – Green tea
Mark Henning – Cupcakes
Pep Gaya – You’re Stubborn (Organon Rmx)
Matthias Springer – Erosion
Näköradiomies – Viritys
Cristian Vogel – Deepwater
Echologist – Swell (Modular Take)
Marko Fürstenberg – Ratsholz
Maurizio – m06b edit
Claudio PRC – Echoes
Brendon Moeller – Sweet Decay
Ali Khan – A Fractal Dream
rktic – Wandelhalle
Silent Harbour – Cascade
Son’s Of The Dragon – The Journey (Qui Niu)
Maurizio – m5
G-Man – El Jem(Original)
Dexter Moore – Compression
Plastikman – Consumed
Brendon Moeller – The Big Thrill
Holger Flinsch – Timewind
Deadbeat – The Elephant in the Pool
Handahofi Tioni – Untitled
Wishmountain – Radio
Philippe Cam – Karine
WAX – 30003 A
The wise caucasian – Sac magique
Jichael Mackson – The Grass Is Always Greener
Brendon Moeller – Traffic (new wipers mix)
cv313 – Saraya
Jichael Mackson – Tee trinken in braunen Salon
Handahofi Tioni – Untitled
Subsonic Park – Refloat (Beatless)
Inter Gritty – Huemul
Minilogue – Doiicie
Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (A Capella)
Yagya – Choose
Fluxion – Multidirectional II
Surphase & Rktic – Trockendock
Rod Modell – Space Age Mythology
Quadrant – 1.1
Rhythim Is Rhythim – Icon
Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Journey Of The Dragons
Rhythm & Sound – Range
Rhythm and Sound with Tikiman – Never Tell You
Monolake – Static
The kooky scientist – Organ donar
Richie Hawtin – 11-21
F.U.S.E. – Into The Space
Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent)

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