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uk: sicherheitsgewinn durch "speed cameras"

die ueberschrift stimmt natuerlich nicht ;)
die dailymail hat zu dem durchschlagenden mehr an sicherheit, durch “speed cameras”, auf den strassen ein paar interessante zahlen:

Only 3 per cent of car accidents are caused by speeding drivers, Government figures have revealed.

Yet there are nearly 7,000 speed cameras across the country which are unable to detect ‘careless or reckless’ drivers who cause three times as many accidents
Andrew Howard, the AA’s road safety head, added: ‘These figures show that human errors – and the human wish to find a shortcut – contribute to the vast majority of accidents. Some drivers make genuine mistakes and some deliberately take risks.

‘But new rules telling us how to behave aren’t the only answer and efforts must be made to protect us from these errors, through safer road design and safer vehicles.’.

huch, nur 3 prozent aller unfaelle sind auf zu schnelles fahren zurueck zu fuehren. aber das heisst doch, dass die verkehrskameras so gut wie wirkungslos sind… wer haette das gedacht? ;)

[via fefe]