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creative commons music 74 //lokua – water rock

We’ll make a departure from our familiar nordic landscape, across the Atlantic, in order to welcome our new guest artist Lokua, all the way from Chicago, US. With the album “Trails“, released last year on the Moment Sound netlabel, Lokua displayed the versatility of his musical styles and fresh ideas. “Water Rock” is more focused on the deeper ambient tones and textures, here’s how the artist himself describes it:

“In comparison, Trails was like Summer, Water Rock is like Winter. The first is a little more outwardly pleasing, one can enjoy it without effort. I think to appreciate more ambient and experimental music one needs a certain level of imagination. It takes some concentration to fully appreciate the entirety of winter. What makes the cold unpleasant? How can I enjoy it? These are the sort of questions I was asking myself when composing the selections on Water Rock, only more music-techy like, how can these harsh unavoidable audio clips be made pleasing? Or maybe it’s just that Water-Rock was made in the winter, a time of introspection and isolation. In other words Trails was more-so geared towards head-nod-factor, whereas Water Rock was made by a fire while my toes defrosted.”

zum label: softphase
zum release: lokua – water rock [sfp03]
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sonntagsmusik 6

mikael fyrek – directors cut
[direktdownload | .mp3/min/mb – creative commons by-nc-nd 3.0]

“Continuing the tour on the arctic circles, our second release is a mini-album with epic
proportions, coming from Sweden. Mikael Fyrek, old-school musician known from the cinematic
releases on Kahvi Collective netlabel, not to forget the vocal collaboration project Tang Kai.
Directors Cut being the rather fitting title, this album have been on it’s way for a long time,
it has seen many dramas, it has been sculpted and shaped again countless times. Yet still,
the finished result seem like a consistent piece crafted with love and care, with great
attention to detail, from beginning to end. You can sense the influence from the golden era
of synthesizer pop, combined with the sounds of today. This movie soundtrack alike album
invites you to have a closer listen, let yourself go of the daily routines for a brief moment,
lose yourself in a dream. The author wishes to thank Niclaz Erlingmark for writing, Aaron Harris
for performing the lyrics on the closing track Somehow, Somewhere, Sometime.”

creative commons music 67 // planet boelex feat. lisa’s antenna – little world

es gibt mal wieder ein neues netlabel da draussen, in dem grossen weiten internet. soft phase ist laut eigenbezeichnung a nordic netlabel und beim ersten release bekommt man so ziemlich genau das, was man sich unter dieser bezeichnung vorstellen koennte. traumhaft schoene melodien, gepaart mit einer unfassbaren stimme.

planet boelex, den man unter anderem noch von kahvi kennen sollte, ist zurueck und hat auch jemanden mitgebracht – lisa’s antenna die fuer den vocalpart zustaendig ist. beide ergaenzen sich hervorragend. was zur folge hat, dass der neuling soft phase einen phaenomenalen start mit der ersten veroeffentlichung hinlegt.

ein wunderbar chilliges stueck musik, wie ich es bisher kaum gehoert habe im netaudiobereich. was mich hoffen laesst, dass der naechste grosse wendepunkt in sachen eigenstaendiger sound und qualitaetsstandards sich langsam abzeichnet. nicht das jetzt alles scheisse waere, im gegenteil, aber manchmal vermisse ich doch diese beiden paramater ein wenig.
aber soft phase erzielt eine punktlandung und haelt hoffentlich dieses level…

zum label: soft phase
zum release: planet boelex & lisa’s antenna – little world [sfp01]
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wie so oft
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