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reclaim your city

A woman attacks a nazi in a nazist demonstration in Växjö, 1985 (Sweden). She was a Polish woman who had been in a concentration camp during the second world war. Minutes later, thousands of anti-nazists chased the nazists away.

more on this: “Sweden: Fight between the Communist party and nazis -1985

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anti-nazi symbole streetworker

65 jahre und auf der strasse gegen nazis.

Irmela Mensah-Schramm is well known in Berlin for her effort against Nazi symbols, signs and slogans in public space. The 65 years old anti-fascist graffiti-grandma documents Nazi graffiti and stickers before she buffs them and is in that way a perfect example for modern anti-fascist work.

Vincenzo Caruso and Fabrizio Mario Lussu are currently working on a video documentary called “The Hate Destroyer” about her work, the ideals and Nazi graffiti in general!

den trailer gibts beim vimeo:


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