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‘open source film’ waking up

ein paar schweden basteln gerade an einem ‘open source film’ der sich waking up nennt. open source heisst in dem fall, das man an der story selber mitschreiben kann.
der film spielt in ziemlich genau 100 jahren und soll entgegen vielen anderen zukunftsvisionen eine positive grundstimmung vermitteln.

die folgende szene im wald zeigt schon mal wohin es in einer besseren zukunft gehen koennte:


Waking Up is a open source film about a positive future for humanity, for a change. The film is in the making by several people, and you can contribute to the writing of it on wakingupmovie.com.

The film is about Ben, who froze himself down in 2010, in the hope that humanity once might be able to thaw him up and cure his disease.

And this is exactly what happens. In the year 2110, the world has gone through massive changes towards the positive. Both technology and human values has developed into a whole new world, positive in all aspects for humanity.

One of the aspects is that money and property is gone, and people do things for other reasons than hoarding wealth. Waking Up is about Ben’s experiences in this world and the difficulties he faces in waking up to this new reality.

In this scene, Ben is walking in the woods with his newly acquainted guide, Aweena. He has only been awake for a few days, after several weeks of curing and restituting his body while he was asleep. He is a bit confused, and can’t really understand what has happened. He feels somewhat attracted to this new world and to Aweena, but at the same time he has trouble believing it is real.

The movie will be an ‘open source’ concept where others can contribute. The website for the movie can be found at wakingupmovie.com. It is a movie about a positive future for humantiy, and hopefully, humanity will contribute in writing it and making it real. The movie needs a full script, and a lot of CGI, and basically every thing else at this moment. :)

Read the story behind this scene on my blog: haraldsando.com


Ben: Katene Nicholas
Aweena: Sara Lahne


Script, director, editor, etc.: Harald Sandø
Costume and make up: Sara Lahne
Catering: Elli Seifi

My gear

Canon EOS 5D mk II
Canon 24-105mm
Sigma 12-24mm
Røde Videomic Pro
Zoom H4n
Tripod with Manfrotto 501HDV Head
Mic stand

All rights reserved Harald Sandø 2011

sonntagsfilmeraten: 35mm

»35mm« is a shortfilm about cinema itself. We picked 35 of our favorite movies and tried to simplifly them as far as possible. The outcome is a 2 minute journey through the history of film.
Take a close look and tell us if you’ve recognized them all!

Concept / Layout: Sarah Biermann, Torsten Strer, Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco
Animation: Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco
Sound: Torsten Strer


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