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creative commons music 80 //das kraftfuttermischwerk – im garten der schneekugel

wer hier schon ein bisschen laenger und regelmaessiger mitliest, weiss das ich die musik vom kraftfuttermischwerk immer wieder aeusserst gerne und lobenswert hervorhebe. jetzt ist es mal wieder so weit, denn eine neue lp steht endlich wieder an.

“Im Garten der Schneekugel” heisst das gute stueck und ist auf kahvi erschienen. es gibt 12 tracks + einen remix von planet boelex zu hoeren:

Einige der Tracks sind der Blinkenlights Symphony entnommen, andere neu und einige wenige auch schon was älter.

und daraus ist eine grossartige lp entstanden! das ding wird ende 2009, in meiner persoenlichen jahres-lp-liste, auf jeden fall ganz oben zu finden sein.

zum label: kahvi
zum release: das kraftfuttermischwerk – im garten der schneekugel [kahvi267]
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[direktdownload | .mp3/75:31min/174mb]

weitere links:
blinkenlights symphony
das kraftfuttermischwerk live @ 25c3 hideout lounge (wo es auch schon einige der tracks zu hoeren gab)

creative commons music 75 //ambientium – fractal philosophy

Epic is the word that springs to mind when you listen to this masterpiece from ambientium.

hailing from the czech republic, ambientium is a talented duo who asked if kahvi would like to put out their latest album, fractal philosophy.

so, here is the end result in all its high quality, enjoyable finality. ambient beginnings with hadron era lead you into pleasing swirling textures and beat driven (solar fields styled) tracks which wouldn’t be out of place in the ultimae catalogue.

tracks to watch out for are another world (part 1 and 2) and europa. welcome to kahvi, ambientium and lets see another release from you in the future!

zum label: kahvi
zum release: ambientium – fractal philosophy [kahvi265]
[direktdownload | .ogg/61:27min/121mb]
[direktdownload | .mp3/61:27min/130mb]

sonntagsmusik 16

Its time for the first release of 2009 – after the superb Solar Fields ep, we’ve got a Kahvi regular. Lackluster is a familiar name to many Kahvi followers, and after the success of his live set at the Netaudio Festival London 2008 (a Lackluster set is something to experience live) I asked Esa if he could supply a recording of one of his sets, and here it is.

Live at Oblivion (Helsinki) – 14-11-08 is a prime example of what makes Lackluster great in the live gig circuit. Continuously evolving beats and grooves, all created in real time by splicing, shifting, pounding, and manipulating previous tracks, new material and ‘created live’ sounds. This set is 80 minutes of Lackluster at his best.

Esa is always available for live sets and has now set up an eventful page where fans can vote to have their favorite artists appearing at a gig near them. Head over and vote for your city.

At the same time, two of Esa’s latest releases, compcomp and remixcomp have been put out on equaldreams. Both releases show Esa back on top form so what are you waiting for, head over and purchase yourself a copy.

Finally a new interview with Esa has been featured over at Patecreme.com. Frank, informative and a quick insight into the mind of a legend.

Enjoy this welcome to 2009!

lackluster – live at oblivion (helsinki, 2008-11-14)
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[direktdownload | .mp3/79:09min/112mb]
creative commons by-nc-nd 3.0

sonntagsmusik 5

dj polaski – walk with me (kahvi set)
[direktdownload | .mp3/71:17min/160mb]

01. Stuart Elliott – Beneath The Surface
02. Stuart Elliott – The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean
03. Kuppi – Drunk (Polaski vs. Projekti3 half-way remix)
04. Projekti3 – Ohi
05. Mikael Fyrek – Submarine Light
06. Sektor – Eastmind
07. Introspective – Mail Order Monsters
08. Vizion – Vanishing Point
09. Nova Viator – Gorey Empire Defence
10. Acrillic Colors – Ununquadium Rarefaction
11. Mosaik – Winternumb
12. Abandonment – Sissot’s Eclipse
13. Acrillic Colors -The Thing From Another World
14. Alexey V – 3rd Dream
15. Krypton – Croon (unreleased)

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zum netlabel: kahvi collective