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sonntagsmusik 61

radio prototypen macht dieses jahr in der weihnachtszeit ein “Dubstep Love” special. bestehend aus 3 teilen, von denen der erste diese woche gesendet wurde.
neben der a-seite (dem normalen podcast) gabs da auch eine wunderbare b-seite – knappe 2h mukke von saetchmo.

Saetchmo – From Dub to Dubstep
[direktlink | .mp3/103:42min/237mb]
[direktlink | .m4a/103:42min/150mb]

• Saul Williams-not in our name (the pledge of resistance)
• Pandadub- Protect the earth feat Sista Poh
• Pandadub- Renaissance²
• Volfoniq rmx Volatil-Skango
• Arogall rmx Volatil – No Bandus
• Funkysushi – Depart Dub
• Black twang-Travellin (elite force rmx 2008 remash)
• D-Queue- 1.21 gigawatts (nuclear remix)
• Pandadub-(R)evolution
• Dubline-Freedom fighters feat. Brother Culture
• Don Diablo & Example- Hooligans (Doorly’s Dubstep Remix) with permission from remixing artist, no cc-license
• Kultur Fabrik- Cat’s eyes – Octopus2 Release
• Baby Arms Sound-Andromeda Dub Flight
• Funkysushi-Dub it til it burns (part1)
• Funkysushi-Join us on top of the DUB
• Process rebel-Gangster police car mash up feat Dr. Israel
• D-Ranged-Check please (artzof war2)
• D-Ranged-Her (both d-ranged tunes are now on vinyl and not longer for free download, sry)
• Dubalizer-Soldiers of Dub feat. Nell and Mc Bing Man on (Dub Tentacles 1)
• Dubzoic-Let There be Dub (Dub Tentacles 1)
• Inspirational Sounds-Spirit Dub (Dubpropaganda)
• B.R. Stylers-Hemp (Indubstria)
• B.R. Stylers-Hemp Dub
• Hanouneh-Policeinnamiyard this one was especially sent for me, not for download, sry but you can ask hanouneh for it