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we want internet!


Photo: A man takes pictures with his cell phone on Tahrir, or Liberation Square, in Cairo, Egypt, Monday Jan. 31, 2011. (Ben Curtis/AP Photo)

[via threat level]


passend zu dem bild, bin ich grade ueber buythissatellite.org gestolpert – eine initiative die spendenunterstuetzt einen satelliten kaufen will, um damit “beduerftigen” internetaccess bieten zu koennen:

The Internet has transformed what it means to be human – we are now more connected to one another than ever before. Yet, over 5 billion people do not have access to this incredible invention, do not have a voice in the global dialog, or the opportunity to share ideas and learn from the Internet’s ever-expanding knowledge pool.

We believe that access to information and the Internet is a necessity for every global citizen and We plan to address the information inequality by making internet access so ubiquitous you can take it for granted: Free, global, seamless connectivity.

[via datenterrorist / telepolis]