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Film: Animal Farm + Brave New World

Animal Farm was a made for TV film version of the 1945 George Orwell novel of the same name. The film tells the story of how the animals of a farm successfully revolt against its human owner, only to slide into a more brutal tyranny among themselves.

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Brave New World is an American television film first shown in 1980. An adaptation of the novel with the same name by Aldous Huxley, it was directed by Burt Brinckerhoff for Universal Television and first shown on NBC on 7 March 1980.

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Aldous Huxley: “Brave New World” – open source book

ich bin gerade im internet archive ueber aldous huxley‘s brave new world (schoene neue welt) gestolpert. auch wenn ich weiss, dass ihr alle das buch schon gelesen habt (oder etwa nicht?), so ein leicht durchsuchbares .pdf aufm rechner zu haben ist auch nicht verkehrt.
das ding ist unter open source books abgelegt, also gehe ich mal davon aus, dass man es sich auch runterladen und weiterverbreiten kann, wie man lustig ist.

This is one of the Aldous Huxley’s books. He describes, at 60′, the humanity fade on a next future. In his imaginary world, there is globalization (no countries), a centralized government, and technology, drugs, and the erasing of historical memory and registers guarantee the peopleâs control at all fields. Huxley puts his story in the future, but much of the things he describes existed, already, at his time life, and also nowadays â as the invasion of individualâs privacy.

es handelt sich dabei um die englische originalausgabe, die man sich hier runterladen (.pdf/594kb) kann.