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dBstep documentaire:
a music documentary about the fast growing dubstep-scene in Belgium. It will contain deep/fun/strange interviews with DJ’s, producers, promoters,… and hyper/energetic/exploding shots from our main dubstep events. And btw: 100% Belgian soundtrack!!

Starring in this production: Bunzero, Benga, Borgore, Headhunter, Starkey, Truth, Piro, Saviour, Grimelock, Kastor & Dice & Sim, Gaz, Truth, Mate & Fudge, Science, Goldorak & Solpher, Geeks, Cal & Sikey, Soi, AKS & Selah Sue, Phonetics, The Soulblazers-crew, The Furthur-crew,…

download (.flv | 38min/350mb)

[via dubstep friday]