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visual awesomeness

so langsam den feedreader vom letzten verlaengerten wochenende abarbeiten und dann solche perlen vorfinden – fickende hoelle ja!

Tobin will be stepping away from previous DJ centric performances, and instead will be providing a large scale live audio/visual experience to select cities around the world. Designed in conjunction with Blasthaus, VSquared Labs, Vita Motus Design and Leviathan amongst others.

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malen auf lsd


These 9 drawings were done by an artist under the influence of LSD as part of a test conducted by the US government in the late 1950’s. The artist was given a dose of LSD 25 and free access to an activity box full of crayons and pencils. His subject was the medic.

(for in-depth descriptions see this )

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3d light show

This is a 3D light show that took place on a building on Russia and it is pretty cool. If you like that, you might like these other examples


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sonntagsfilm 81

Guerilla Art:
A new generation of street artists are the latest hot property of art collectors and advertising brands. Featuring Futura 2000, Rammellzee, Banksy, Os Gemeos, Space Invader, Barnstormers, Espo, WK Interact, Zevs, Blek Le Rat, André, Noki, Miss Van and Eine. Filmed in New York, London, Paris, Sao Paulo and Tokyo the documentary introduces the graffiti-inspired street art pioneers Futura, Rammellzee and Blek Le Rat. Art patron Agnés B and art curator Jerome Sans comment on the early days of Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat, when graffiti changed the streets of New York and the urban landscapes of the rest of the world.
The film portrays a new generation of street artists led by UK stencil artist Banksy, whose artworks achieve record prices at auction houses like Sotheby’s and who is collected by Damien Hirst and celebrities Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt. Other new street art styles featured are the mosaic tile wall images of Invader, the lyrical folklore inspired murals by Brazilian twins Os Gemeos and the “Visual Kidnappings” of advertising billboards by Parisian artist Zevs.

GUERILLA ART reveals how street artists have developed a unique system of economic survival. Their works are bought by young peers and new collectors. Street artist collective “Pictures on Wall” sells limited-edition prints online and organises the Santa’s Ghetto art sale, filmed right in the centre of London’s shopping district. Once street artists have made a name for themselves, they run their own clothing labels or design special lines for streetwear companies. Futura creates record covers and logos for youth brands. Parisian artist André is a typical cultural entrepreneur running an art store, working on designer toy lines as well as opening clubs in Paris and other cities. Noki creates one-off anti-couture fashion pieces using street art techniques. Rammellzee performs a mythology of his own Gods in clubs and gallery spaces. “Over the last few years street art has established itself as an art form. But where can this street-based movement go from here, after works by Banksy have been boarded up, chiselled off the walls, to be sold on eBay for money far exceeding the gallery prices?” Tim Marlow – White Cube Gallery Curator. “I have just found out about the book called GUERILLA ART by Sebastian Peiter, probably one the best books about graffiti and street art concepts. I really like the fact I am part of it. Thanks.” WK Interact – Street Artist.

video: guerilla art @ babelgum

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die unendliche zeichnung

superfreedraw(nur ein kleiner symbolhafter ausschnitt des grossen ganzen)

laut eigenbeschreibung ein nichtkommerzielles kunstprojekt, welches offen fuer alle ist. man koennte es aber auch als die vielleicht groesste klowand des internets bezeichnen.
aber unabhaengig von der definitionsfrage: jeder kann mitzeichnen – egal was – egal wieviel: it’s big, it’s endless, it’s the largest collaborative drawing worldwide.

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2 for the night

Getting Up: A Graffiti Documentary
“It is a well edited film that speaks for itself. Getting Up: A Graffiti Documentary is a solid 30 minutes of schooling about the life, freedom, adventure, and resourcefulness of a pure Graff Writer. Check it out right now. You will not be sorry.”


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Live Free
a documentary short on Royal Street Tattoo written by Bijani Casalan and directed by Michael Howell. Although Live Free features Royal Street Tattoo and “covers the philosophy of tattooing as seen from the eyes of the artists at the shop” the documentary goes much deeper.


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springguerilla @ springten


die veranstalter vom springfestival wollen dieses jahr, zum 10jaehrigen, ein kleines experiment wagen. es sollen faehige leute, in ein paar kleinen teams, staendig vom springfestival berichten. das ganze hauptsaechlich in form von tweets (weil = mobil + schnelle informationsverbreitung) und ggf. auch fotos.
damit die besucher des springfestivals nicht staendig auf ihre handys starren muessen, gibts in den einzelnen locations screens auf denen der stream abgebildet wird. soweit das grobe konzept.

als einer von diesen “springguerillas” bin auch ich an 3 abenden an diesem verlaengerten wochenende unterwegs. d.h. ich werde zusammen mit weiteren springguerillas in einem von mehreren kleinen teams, mit smartphone bewaffnet durch die verschiedenen locations streifen und von dort twitternderweise berichten.


festivalpilot fuer diesen anlass wurde auch der festivalpilot entwickelt. jetzt nicht nur fuer uns zum berichten, sondern auch fuer die festivalbsucher um am laufenden zu bleiben (wo welcher artist gerade in welcher location am musikmachen ist, aktuelle tweets, infos zu artists und locations, kompletter timetable,…) sehr schoenes und nuetzliches ding, vor allem bei so einem festival, dass sich ueber mehrere tage ueber verschiedene locations erstreckt. die app gibts kostenlos fuer iphone und android-geraete. auch soll die app zukuenftig fuer weitere festivals als basis dienen und weiterentwickelt werden.


ich bin jedenfalls gespannt wie das ablaufen wird.
wenn das wochenede vorbei ist, werd ich bestimmt auch hier nochmal etwas ausfuehrlicher berichten.


weitere links:
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art to the street


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kunst aus alten speichermedien

macht der londoner nick gentry

Important documents, favourite songs, videos and more were stored on mountains of tapes, polaroids, cassettes and disks. As media is rapidly absorbed into the World Wide Web the rich variety of formats of the past are becoming obsolete.

This represents a big shift away from physical, real world objects, driving towards a human existence that is ultimately governed by billions of invisible data files. This release of information from the physical form allows personal data and identities to now be revealed and infinitely shared online. At the same time many of us consider individuality and privacy to be more precious than ever. Will humans be forever compatible with our own technology?

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link of the day


ich klicke mich da gerade schon eine weile durch und suche mir ein paar neue icons, dock themes etc. zusammen um meinen desktop mal wieder ein wenig einen neuen look zu verpassen.
teilweise stehen die sachen da auch unter cc-lizenz. und man kann stunden damit verbringen, sich durch das ganze zeug da durchzuklicken (und ich hab mir noch nichtmal grossartig die anderen kategorien angesehen). sicherlich ist auch muell dabei, aber das ist ja bekanntlich sowieso ansichtssache.

das wollte ich euch eigentlich nur kurz mitteilen. ich mach dann mal weiter…

what are you looking at?

“what are you looking at?” by: banksy
foto taken by: nolifebeforecoffee (under cc-license)