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amarok 2.0 released

gerade wurde die finale version von amarok 2.0 veroeffentlicht. das final bezieht sich im moment jedoch nur auf die linux und bsd versionen. mac und windows user muessen sich noch ein wenig gedulden oder mit der aktuellen beta vorlieb nehmen:

Now, after two years of development, we are proud to announce that Amarok 2 has arrived. This arrival is just the beginning.
This new version brings with it a lot of changes:

* Completely redesigned user interface
* Tight integration with online services such as Magnatune, Jamendo, MP3tunes, Last.fm and Shoutcast
* Completely overhauled scripting API and plugin support to allow better integration into Amarok
* Migration from the KDE 3 to KDE 4 framework, and utilization of core technologies such as Solid, Phonon, and Plasma
Amarok 2.0 is now available for all major Linux distributions. KDE4 is still under heavy development especially on Windows and Mac OS X, and Amarok 2 is available as a “Beta” version on those platforms. In the coming months, we expect to regularly release a series of bugfix versions in the 2.0 series. Work on features, both old and new, has also continued.

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amarok 2 beta – test unter mac os x

ich muss zugeben selber noch nicht getestet zu haben, aber es hoert sich schonmal vielversprechend an, abgesehen davon, dass es noch ziemlich buggy sein soll. was sich aber noch bessern wird bis zum final release.

Amarok 2 integrates very well into the Mac OS X Desktop Environment. I do not feel that it is a non-native application running on a foreign platform. Overall, the interface looks sleeker and cleaner. More things packed into the same space, but neatly, and without looking overcrowded.

Although the devs have packed a ton of new features and improvements into the already perfect Amarok, the package for Amarok 2 is a development build and is really very buggy.

[via amarok mailing list]