2 dekaden elektrolux gemixxt in 3 akten

unter dem titel “Two Decades Of Elektrolux – 6 hours the best of” mixxt sich bjorn rohde durch den katalog von elektrolux, _dem_ label fuer ‘advanced electronic music’ (behaupte ich jetzt mal). zu geniessen ist das ganze in 3 teilen auf mixcloud.

01.Please Stay – Ruxpin
02.Expedition – Index Id
03.Nebel – Rauschfaktor
04.Nachtexpress – Index ID
05.descent – Guardner
06.Magic Morning – Full Moon Fashions
07.Zoologic (Quantum StarDub Remix) – Subsonic Park
08.As Possible (feat. Baschin) – Chris Zippel
09.Farbton, Der – Rauschfaktor
10.Glacier – Chris Zippel
11.Still Here – Aural Float
12.Decision I Made – Fresh Moods
13.Airwave – Metalob
14.Glacier (Vakuum Sounds Final Remix) – Chris Zippel
15.Session 5 – Aural Float
16.Everybody Needs (Remix) – Guardner
17.Imagine (Pascal FEOS Remix) – Fortunato & Montresor featuring #38
18.Himiborna Dis – Ruxpin
19.Rotating Minds – JFC
20.Night Passage – Naoki Kenji

21.White Clouds Passing The Blue Sky – Jean F. Cochois
22.Love Dub – JFC
23.Together – Ruxpin
24.Panoramadrama – Rauschfaktor
25.Wavin’ Good Bye – JFC
26.The Touch (Enchant Mix) – Fresh Moods
27.The Electronic Kick – Groovecatcher
28.The Touch – Fresh Moods
29.13 Stories Of ‘Highfeelin_ Times’ – Jean F. Cochois
30.My Face – Fresh Moods
31.Imagine (Radio Edit) – Fortunato & Montresor
32.Always Feed The Fish Part 2 – Full Moon Fashions
33.Reminance – Estelle Montenegro
34.Exhale – Fresh Moods
35.Umbrella – Chymera
36.Inner City Codes (Beatless) – Subsonic Park
37.Truth Is / Alt’s Camera – Chris Zippel
38.The Wind Blows – Guardner
39.AF Study II – Aural Float
40.Intense And Guarded – Jean F. Cochois
41.At The Crossroads – Aural Float
42.39 – Original Mix – Full Moon Fashions
43.Ghost of Love – Fortunato & Montresor featuring #38

44.Watch The Packard – Ruxpin
45.Hamaguri – The Sushi Club
46.Bring In The Harvest – ean F. Cochois
47.Again (feat. Adel Tawil) – Chris Zippel
48.Ways – Guardner
49.N.y.c. – Guardner
50.I Feel You – üNN
60.Der Sonnensegler – Rauschfaktor
61.Seeds – Guardner
62.In Form Of A Bird I Meet My Creator – Ruxpin
63.Signs of Life – Subsonic Park
64.Freefloat – Aural Float
65.Particle (Subsonic Park Remix) – Chris Zippel
66.Gamma (Original Mix) – Trentemoller & Buda
67.Formations – Ruxpin
68.Schwimmschleifer – Soehngenetic
69.As if in a dream – Quantum Leap
70.You Look Lovely In This Spacesuit – Ruxpin
71.Around, Arrived – Chris Zippel
72.Federflug – Index ID
73.Wall of dope – Autopilot

[via kfmw]

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