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real scenes: berlin

kurze und sehr sehenswerte doku von resident advisor ueber berlins technovergangenheit und bestandaufnahme zur aktuellen situation:

For the third edition of Real Scenes, RA and Bench go to one of the most special places for electronic music in the world: Berlin. When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, techno became the underground soundtrack to the reunion between East and West. In recent years, it’s become an international destination for ravers—a cheap place to party with clubs that are renowned throughout the world.

Techno has become a business in the meantime. Yet Berlin still maintains a credibility that other cities lack. To understand why, RA and Bench went to the German capital eager to find out about its unique history and the reasons behind its continued relevance.

Visit the feature page on RA: residentadvisor.net/​feature.aspx?1405


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phallic artwork

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keimiges filmplakat

zur bewerbung von contagion (trailer) wurde in toronto ein filmplakat, auf basis von wachsenden pilz- und bakterienkulturen, aufgehangen. das ganze sieht zumindest interessant aus.


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zehn jahre nach 9-11

Der 11. September 2001 ist ein Tag des Verlustes. Fast 3000 Menschen starben bei den Selbstmordanschlägen auf das World Trade Center und das Pentagon vor zehn Jahren. Doch dann stiegen Gewinner aus den Trümmern:

Der “militärisch-industrielle Komplex” in den Hampton Roads zum Beispiel, im amerikanischen Bundesstaat Virginia. Dort haben die Navy Seals ihr Hauptquartier und Rüstungskonzerne wie Lockheed Martin und Northrop Group stellen fast alles her, was es für die moderne Kriegsführung braucht.

Oder die Protesenindustrie, die von den rund 33.000 amerikanischen Verwundeten aus den Kriegen im Irak und in Afghanistan profitiert. Nutznießer sind auch die “Zweifler”, die medialen Terrorexperten – und die Entwicklung der Sprache, die nach 9/11 eine verbale Aufrüstung erlebt hat.

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superflow – an audio-visual journey into the world of digital harmony


Superflow / An audio-visual Journey into the World of Digital Harmony / Bachelor Thesis

Length: 23:54 / Resolution: 1280×720 / FPS: 24

Superflow, the Bachelor Thesis I completed in July, 2010, takes you on an audio-visual journey into the world of Digital Harmony. Superflow is an algorithm I discovered on October 23rd, 2009, which changes the position of objects and their relationship to each other. Superflow can be initiliazed by rotating all objects after setting up a parent-child hierarchy with one pivot point. My thesis introduces the discovery of the Superflow algorithm, a newly created formula Polarflow (based on the Superformula by Johan Gielis and Bert Berinckx), and a newly designed mathematical framework Polarflow Fundamentals. Polarflow Fundamentals is the foundation and combination of these formulas, and can help us understand the long journey that the theorem of pythagoras has taken. In combination with the Superflow algorithm, possibilities have become endless. Superflow and the mathematical formulas have all been combined in a unique and custom developed particle software, Superflow System. Not only that, a new and maybe forgotten approach to visual art is proposed, Viusic. Inspired by the work of John and James Whitney to find harmony in visual art, I tried to continue their quest by introducing new perspectives to this exciting and forgotten field. What music is to sound is viusic to light. Harmony is not just audible, it is visible.

Viusic is the music of visual art.

More information here: superflow.co

Tutorial #001 – Superflow: vimeo.com/​15486040

Z-Depth, Viusic Piece #12, is the beginning journey into stereoscopic vision, and requires red-cyan glasses to view correctly.

Superflow System Particle Software
Developed by Ian Clemmer
Programmed by Oleg Bayborodin (orbaz.com) and Ian Clemmer



Superflow Elements and other Motion Design Scripts available at v-motion.co/​

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© Nicholas Komodore All Rights Reserved. Taken in San Francisco during a protest against Police brutality