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diy-internet in afghanistan und kenia

in afghanistan und kenia laufen interessante projekte, die den leuten dort eine halbwegs leistbare internetanbindung liefern sollen. aus billigen routern, reflektoren (die sich grossteils aus muell basteln lassen) und fabfi – einer opensource software die sich um die signalweiterleitung kuemmert – wird den leuten ein frei verfuegbares wireless network bereitgestellt – afghanistan’s amazing diy internet:

The Afghan city of Jalalabad has a high-speed Internet network whose main components are built out of trash found locally. Aid workers, mostly from the United States, are using the provincial city in Afghanistan’s far east as a pilot site for a project called FabFi.
It’s a broadband apart from the covert, subversive “Internet in a suitcase” and stealth broadband networks being sponspored by the U.S., aimed at empowering dissidents, but the goal isn’t so different: bringing high-speed onilne access to the world’s most remote places.
FabFi is an open source project that maintains close ties to MIT’s Fab Lab and the university’s Center for Bits and Atoms. At the moment, FabFi products are up and running in both Jalalabad and at three sites in Kenya, which collectively operate as an Internet service provider called JoinAfrica. Inside Afghanistan, FabFi networks are used to aid local businesses and to prop up community infrastructure such as hospitals and clinics.

[via misterhonk]