anonymous weltverschwoerung

(klick aufs bild fuer gross)

[via nerd6]

13 responses to “anonymous weltverschwoerung

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  2. OP is a Faggot

  3. We are anonymous,
    We are Legion,
    We do not forgive,

    We do not forget…

  4. Alibengali

    What is this for a Bullshit-Picture? Stupid guys who believe dat.

  5. some random dude

    Haha, i like this one :D

  6. thats bullshit, guys… anonymous is for free available information and the freemasons are guys, who stand behind almost everything and they wanna keep all these things very closed and secret.

  7. Xarov Yurovsk

    Sicher, freie Meinungsäußerung hin oder her.
    Aber diese Skizze ist einfach eine Frechheit, und zeigt wie falsch man sich doch informieren kann. Leider scheinen diverse Menschen ihre intulektuellen Unzulänglichkeiten damit vertuschen wollen in dem sie Sich eines wichtigen Themas bedienen es in lächerliche ziehen nur um selbst einen gewissen Stellenwert (erhoffter Maßen) genießen zu könne.

    Schäm dich.

  8. Shutting down Government is a simple task. Knowledge of social inter actions of coheasive operations is a key to the door.

    Remember every human must, at some time deficate and urinate. Past history has shown PROOF, when the crap wont flow away from main groping of operations, OPERATIONS either move or stop.

    One could ask what does this mean ? It means “When the crap wont flow, Government won’t go.” Government stops when it can no longer handle sewage flow.

    Pour bolt setting cmpound down the tiolets. Pour Portland cement down tiolets. Pour hydrellic bolt setting compound into the sewers. Plug the sewers, till the smell chokes the politicians out of office. Plug the sewers till the police refuse to work. Plug the sewers til the hydrents flow with fecies. Plug the sewers til the setteling ponds become solid with crap. Plug the sewers til there is no where to hide from the stench of what organized government has produced.

    Plug the sewers til the rivers are flowing with waste just as is in the U.S. and Mexico. Plug the sewers til the wealthy can not buy water to drink…

  9. I was told that Anonymous were a bunch of theives , but now im not so sure…

  10. Today Anonymous got into the Greek Ministry of Justice’s page and wrote “stop ACTA” and “justice is coming”.I am 15 years old and I am aware of the situation here in Greece but i can not do anything because politicians and many other people have stolen money from Greece.The only thing i have to say is that Greece supports Anonymous and we need HELP!!!!!

  11. WeAreLegion

    fuck you

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