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Between Zero and One (Section 27 Netlabel Feature) – HipGnosis on GlitchFM recorded (12 02 2009)
[direktlink | .mp3/144:50min/332mb]

Special show featuring music exclusively from Section 27 netlabel. for links to all of this amazing FREE music, made possible with Creative Commons licensing. In addition, this mix is also Creative Commons licensed. Run by Tam Ferrans, Section 27 specializes in ambient, IDM, glitch and other experimental electronic musics, and has such artists as The Audiologist, Nonima, Ventolyn & Becotyde, Pinklogik, and Vektordrum. This is some of the most exciting and well-produced electronic music to come out of the UK since the early Warp Records days. an epic DJ set, almost 2 1/2 hours long and seemingly neverending psychedelic waves.

once the download limit is reached here, it will still be available at Just click the BUY button to go there.

Released by:
Release date: Dec 2, 2009


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