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“Man With A Movie Camera” (1929):

This film is famous for the range of cinematic techniques Vertov invents, deploys or develops, such as double exposure, fast motion, slow motion, freeze frames, jump cuts, split screens, Dutch angles, extreme close-ups, tracking shots, footage played backwards, animations, and a self-reflexive style(at one point it features a split screen tracking shot; the sides have opposite Dutch angles). “Man with a Movie Camera” is the fourth album by The Cinematic Orchestra. It is the soundtrack to a re-released version of the (then ground-breaking) 1929 silent documentary film, Man with a Movie Camera from Russian director Dziga Vertov.


sonntagsmusik 73

saetchmo / dub and bass / blogrebellenmix
[download (via rapidshare) | .mp3/60:13min/135mb]

01 Gorillaz-Clint Eastwood (album version) vs. Zazen-Inroad vs. Gorillaz -Clint Eastwood (phi life cypher mix)
02 The Abbysinnians-Satta Massagana
03 Junior Byles-A Place called Africa
04 Sardinia Bass Legalize-What can I do for Africa?
05 Sade-Soldier of Love (dubstep rmx from black rock city allstars music productions)
06 Massive Attack-Paradise (breakage mix)
07 The Prodigy-Thunder (arveene and misks storm warning remix)
08 The Prodigy-Thunder (doorly rmx)
09 Bassnectar-Bassnectar’s Superstyling Smashup
10 Dub Terminator-Dope Magnets
11 Pandadub-Axion Esti 3.0
12 Dubalizer-Salvia Divinorium
13 Beatles-Yellow Submarine (nilow and shem rmx)

Cover-Photo by Merlijn Hoek (cc)