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vinyl gerade biegen how-to

man kennt das ja. bei nicht ganz so sachgemaesser lagerung (oder durch andere nicht beeinflussbare umstaende) koennen sich so platten doch mal verbiegen, mit der zeit. ronny hat da mal eine einfache methode getestet und beschrieben, um diesem problem, nachtraeglich wieder herr zu werden:

Backofen auf 50°C verheizen, Umluft an, die verbogenen Platten mittig in einen Stapel nicht verbogener betten, 10 Minuten backen lassen, rausnehmen, und im Cover unter einer gerade Glasplatte mit circa 10 Kilo beschweren. Fertig

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Here be dragons – Keynote:
Frank Rieger gave a general overview of achievements by and future challenges for the hacker community: technology is perpetrating our lives more and more and it’s up to us to draw the lines between what is useful development and what needs to be restricted.
Next was his urgent appeal to the hacker community: “Even if you are sick of politics: at least help to improve the software!” Anonymity is one of the most interesting issues of the time – politically just as technically. It’s up to us to be up to date and to not accept the flaws in the software we’re using. Also – and this is one of our biggest advantages – we getting better at creating publicity and using technological tools to do so. Hackerspaces are the best thing that happened to us in the past years: we can do this together, not everyone for him- or herself.
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die keynote ist uebrigens auf deutsch

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Solitude – Ambient Dubstep Vol 4
[direktlink | .mp3/64:47min/89mb]

01. Phaeleh – If
02. Synkro – Lost For Words
03. Kryptic Minds – Distant Dawn
04. Elemental – Blob – Vocal
05. Faib – Broken Mirror
06. Hektagon – Running Through – Elemental Remix
07. DFRNT – Headspace – Scuba Remix
08. Phaeleh Feat Anneka – Awakening
09. Forensix – Solace
10. Distance – Delight
11. Majiker – Tongue – Phaeleh Remix
12. Kryptic Minds – Chosen Few
13. Toasty – The Knowledge – Vocal
14. Headhunter – Prototype
15. Trpwr – An Illusion
16. Nibe – On Off
17. Phaeleh – Numb
18. D Bridge – Desire Line – Interlude
19. Burial – Dog Shelter
20. Pink Floyd – Breathe
21. Pink Floyd – On The Run
22. The Beatles – A Day In The Life – Unknown Remix