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vinyl love

ich bin heute ueber so ein kleines, feines tumblr-dingens gestolpert, das sich ganz dem “schwarzen gold” verschrieben hat: Fuck Yeah, Records!Ana-blog. Short and sweet reviews and vinyl love

ich klick mich da gerade ein wenig durch…
photo by jeff matz. posted on luredesigninc.com


A High Quality, Low Cost Record Cleaner:

Build your own high quality, easy to use record cleaner. This design can be built for less than $50 and will remove at least as much grunge as the expensive VPI record cleaners. The original concept was developed by Jay Amble.




In a digital age, vinyl’s making a comeback:

But as mass marketing of LPs faded, some listeners began rediscovering vinyl. It’s not just older fans who grew up with the decades-old format who attest to its tangible pleasures — the arresting artwork, the labor of love that goes into flipping LP sides and the fact that many audiophiles say vinyl sounds better. Younger listeners raised on torrent files can see LPs as a kind of talisman too.