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Atmosphere is 2 hour monthly deep & dub techno show hosted by Endwise and k1Lka. In 120 minutes they bring to you best deep atmospheric tracks & guest mixes from most interesting artists on scene.

Endwise and k1lka – Atmosphere (January’10) Proton Radio
[direktdownload | .ogg/62:25min/48mb]
[direktdownload | .mp3/62:25min/86mb]

01. Deepchord – Vantage Isle (Spacecho Dub) [echospace [detroit]]
02. Remote_ – Tracing Lines [Smallfish]
03. Bvdub – It’s Too Late [Quietus Recordings]
04. Sven Weisemann – Floating Verb [Smallfish]
05. Dublicator – Cloud Coordinator Part 2 [nonstopnonsense.netlab]
06. Bvdub – It Mattered Once [Quietus Recordings]
07. Pablo Bolivar – Looking For a Shape [Hidden Recordings]
08. Onka Onichi – M Theory [Ornithopter Records]
09. Dublicator – Dynamic Elements [Minimal And Melodies Music]
10. Julius Steinhoff – Something Like Wonderful [Smallville Records]
11. Quantec – Planet View [Pong musiq]
12. Hammock – City In The Dust On My Window [Darla Records]
13. Onka Onichi – Blue Roads [Ornithopter Records]
14. Dominique Jacquinet – Rising Tide [Schall-Netlabel]
15. STL – Checkmate [echospace [detroit]]
16. Swayzak – Bunny Chops [Swayzak Recordings]
17. The Sight Below – Wishing Me Asleep [Ghostly International]
18. Scuba – Aesaunic [Hotflush Recordings]
19. The Sight Below – Murmur [Ghostly International]
20. Claudio Mate – Dub Island (Echoreshape Mix) [Dpress Industries]

Sublime Porte – Atmosphere (January’10) Proton Radio
[direktdownload | .ogg/48:54min/42mb]
[direktdownload | .mp3/48:54min/67mb]

no tracklist:
Sublime Porte live

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