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E-Voting News International

(der beitrag ist auch auf papierwahl.at zu lesen.)

Die letzten Tage gab es auch international wieder ein paar interessante News zu E-Voting. Diese sollen hier nicht unerwähnt bleiben und werden deshalb kurz verlinkt.

* Electronic voting challenged in Georgia
A case brought by election integrity advocates in Georgia claiming that unverifiable electronic voting, or E-voting, is unconstitutional could spell trouble for the controversial practice, as it heads to the Georgia Supreme Court for a ruling.

*Antitrust Concerns Swirl Around Sale of Diebold Voting Machines
Charles Schumer asked the Justice Department’s antitrust division on Monday to investigate the recent sale of Diebold’s voting machines division to a competitor, saying the deal raises anti-competitiveness concerns and has “adverse implications on how our country votes.

* State seeks a buyer for vote machines that cost us €60m
WANTED — a buyer for thousands of useless electronic voting machines.

* EC to pilot e-voting in local polls
The Election Commission is considering introduction of an electronic voting system in upcoming Dhaka City Corporation elections on an experimental basis.