back to the roots: der baum als musikinstrument

der diego ist musiker. er spielt unter anderem baum. klingt komisch, ist aber so. und wie das aussieht und noch viel wichtiger, wie sich das anhoert, seht ihr im video.
im einklang mit der natur, quasi ;)


In the garden of my house there’s a tree with lots of randomly grown twigs. It looks odd and nice at the same time. One day I asked myself if I could create a piece of music with it.

To tune the tree I picked a fundamental note and tuned the twigs by trimming them with a pencil sharpener. I used two Røde NT6 and a NTG-2 as microphones, combined with a customized stethoscope.

I recorded the tracks live on a Pro Tools LE system. I didn’t use any synthesizer or sampler to create or modify the sounds. All the sounds come from playing the tree, by bowing the twigs, shaking the leaves, playing rhythms on the cortex and so on.

At this link you can see some pictures with more detailed descriptions:
I hope you’ll like it.

The track is also available as an high-quality download on my Bandcamp page:

[via designyoutrust]

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