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The Century of the Self:

is an acclaimed documentary by filmmaker Adam Curtis released in 2002. […] This series is about how those in power have used Freud’s theories to try and control the dangerous crowd in an age of mass democracy.
To many in both politics and business, the triumph of the self is the ultimate expression of democracy, where power has finally moved to the people. Certainly the people may feel they are in charge, but are they really? The Century of the Self tells the untold and sometimes controversial story of the growth of the mass-consumer society in Britain and the United States. How was the all-consuming self created, by whom, and in whose interests?

[direktlink part1 – “Happiness Machines”]

[direktlink part2 – “The Engineering of Consent”]

[direktlink part3 – “There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads: He Must Be Destroyed”]

[direktlink part4 – “Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering”]

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