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Look Around You:
Look Around You is a BBC television comedy series devised and written by Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz, and, in the first series only, narrated by Nigel Lambert. The first series of eight 10-minute shorts was shown in 2002, and the second series of six 30-minute episodes in 2005, both on BBC2.
In the first series, the episodes (“modules”) satirise and pay homage to 1970s and early 1980s educational films and schools programmes. A different scientific subject is covered in each episode.
The series was commissioned based on a 20-minute pilot episode (twice the length of an episode in the first series, but otherwise identical) about calcium

[direktlink part1]

[direktlink part2]

die anderen 8 regulaeren “module” der ersten staffel findet ihr ebenfalls auf youtube:
1. maths
2. water
3. germs
4. ghosts
5. sulphur
6. music
7. iron
8. brain

[via holgi und cchristoph]

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