creative commons music 79 //entertainment for the braindead – seven (+1)

neues von entertainment for the braindead, ganz frisch erschienen auf aaahh records.

Some of you might know that there was a limited EP available during Julias Tour in february. There were 7 CDs, one for each evening of the tour. People wrote their names on a piece of paper and put it in a box while Julia played her set. At the end of each show there was one lucky person whose piece of paper got pulled ouf the magical box. Well, we thought it would be a shame if only 7 people on this planet were privileged to listen to these wonderful songs. So we decided to release this EP and added an extra song, which is a live recording from Julias show in Hannover.

das release wurde natuerlich sofort runtergeladen und auch entsprechend meiner erwartungshaltung, fuer wunderbar befunden. deswegen auch ohne grosse umschweife: runterladen – treiben lassen!

zum label: aaahh records
zum release: entertainment for the braindead – seven (+1) [aaahh005]
[direktdownload | .ogg/36:00min/79mb]
[direktdownload | .mp3/36:00min/92mb]

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