creative commons music 74 //lokua – water rock

We’ll make a departure from our familiar nordic landscape, across the Atlantic, in order to welcome our new guest artist Lokua, all the way from Chicago, US. With the album “Trails“, released last year on the Moment Sound netlabel, Lokua displayed the versatility of his musical styles and fresh ideas. “Water Rock” is more focused on the deeper ambient tones and textures, here’s how the artist himself describes it:

“In comparison, Trails was like Summer, Water Rock is like Winter. The first is a little more outwardly pleasing, one can enjoy it without effort. I think to appreciate more ambient and experimental music one needs a certain level of imagination. It takes some concentration to fully appreciate the entirety of winter. What makes the cold unpleasant? How can I enjoy it? These are the sort of questions I was asking myself when composing the selections on Water Rock, only more music-techy like, how can these harsh unavoidable audio clips be made pleasing? Or maybe it’s just that Water-Rock was made in the winter, a time of introspection and isolation. In other words Trails was more-so geared towards head-nod-factor, whereas Water Rock was made by a fire while my toes defrosted.”

zum label: softphase
zum release: lokua – water rock [sfp03]
[direktdownload | .mp3/39:45min/80mb]


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