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Fabian – Gib mir die Welt plus 5 Prozent
Warum überall Geld fehlt “Gib mir die Welt plus 5 Prozent”. Die Geschichte vom Goldschmied Fabian 50 aufschlussreiche Minuten über den grundlegenden Fehler in unserem Geldsystem und das grundlegende Geheimnis des Banken- und Geldwesens


update: 2009-01-25
auf der projektseite neueimpulse.org/ kann man sich den film auch runterladen (direkt: .flv/386mb)

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Its time for the first release of 2009 – after the superb Solar Fields ep, we’ve got a Kahvi regular. Lackluster is a familiar name to many Kahvi followers, and after the success of his live set at the Netaudio Festival London 2008 (a Lackluster set is something to experience live) I asked Esa if he could supply a recording of one of his sets, and here it is.

Live at Oblivion (Helsinki) – 14-11-08 is a prime example of what makes Lackluster great in the live gig circuit. Continuously evolving beats and grooves, all created in real time by splicing, shifting, pounding, and manipulating previous tracks, new material and ‘created live’ sounds. This set is 80 minutes of Lackluster at his best.

Esa is always available for live sets and has now set up an eventful page where fans can vote to have their favorite artists appearing at a gig near them. Head over and vote for your city.

At the same time, two of Esa’s latest releases, compcomp and remixcomp have been put out on equaldreams. Both releases show Esa back on top form so what are you waiting for, head over and purchase yourself a copy.

Finally a new interview with Esa has been featured over at Patecreme.com. Frank, informative and a quick insight into the mind of a legend.

Enjoy this welcome to 2009!

lackluster – live at oblivion (helsinki, 2008-11-14)
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