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blinkenlights stereoscope: fotos und kurze videos


mittlerweile liegt das blinkenlights stereoscope projekt schon fast zwei monate zurueck und ich warte ja immer noch gespannt auf das documentation video bzw. das video von der blinkenlights symphony. um die vorfreude weiterhin aufrecht zu erhalten und die wartezeit etwas zu verkuerzen habe ich auf flickr ein paar fotosets zusammengesucht:


*das stereoscope set von antenne (welches auch ein paar kurze videoaufnahmen enthaelt)
komplett unter cc-lizenz

* das blinkenlights stereoscope set von fiedel

* der blinkenights gruppenpool
teilweise unter cc-lizenz

*  und es gibt ja auch noch documentation videos der anderen beiden blinkenlights installationen
unter cc-lizenz


pesthoernchen / toronto city hall by antenne (unter creative commons 2.0)

“james boyle – the public domain” for free

james boyle ist mit seinem buch “the public domain” einigen anderen autoren gefolgt, die auch ihre werke unter einer creative commons lizenz veroeffentlicht haben. ein kurzer auschnitt:

Instead, I argue that precisely because we are in the information age, we need a movement—akin to the environmental movement—to preserve the public domain. The explosion of industrial technologies that threatened the environment also taught us to recognize its value. The explosion of information technologies has precipitated an intellectual land grab; it must also teach us about both the existence and the value of the public domain. This enlightenment does not happen by itself. The environmentalists helped us to see the world differently, to see that there was such a thing as “the environment” rather than just my pond, your forest, his canal. We need to do the same thing in the information environment.

We have to “invent” the public domain before we can save it.
The one piece of advice I would offer is to make sure that you really talk it through with everyone at the press and get them to understand the way the web works. While university presses might want to experiment only with a few titles, when it comes to those titles they need fully to embrace the idea — creating an excellent website for the book (or allowing the author to do so), allowing multiple formats of the book to be made available (pdf, html etc), being excited rather than horrified if the book gets mentioned on a blog and downloads spike. The last thing you want is a publisher who has grudgingly agreed to a Creative Commons license but who then sabotages every attempt to harness the openness it allows.

das buch steht unter folgender creative commons lizenz
zur download page
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das buch kaufen

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sonntagsfilm 8

total schick das ding und gemacht mit den opensource tools von blender.

MURNAU THE VAMPIRE (2007) Oscar Alvarado´s from Oscar Alvarado on Vimeo.

OSCAR ALVARADOS´S free animated short film.
Created only with Blender (www.blender.org)
This short film is a free adaptation from the original film “Nosferatu” directed by Frederick Murnau in 1922.
MURNAU THE VAMPIRE was presented for first time in the BLENDER CONFERENCE in Amsterdam en 2007.
In 8 months Oscar Alvarado works in the production of MURNAU THE VAMPIRE, and the entire short (27 minutes) was made only by Oscar.
The soundtrack and the musical theme was composed by the italian goth band, “Theatres des Vampires”.

-> murnauthevampire.com
-> filmsoundtrack von theatres des vampires
(creative commons)

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sonntagsmusik 8

…mal wieder ein bisschen drum’n’bass zum wochenausklang.

greg benz – aurium ocotober 2008 mix (part 2)
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