livecontent 2.0 – livedvd mit freier und open source software

wie gerade ueber cc news reingetickert ist, ist die livecontent 2.0 livedvd erschienen.

was ist das?

LiveContent 2.0 is a LiveDVD full of free and open source software and Creative Commons’ licensed open content — audio, video, image, text and educational resources. LiveContent is a project for anyone to explore to learn more about about open content that can be freely used, copied, and built upon.

was ist da drauf?

Fedora 8 is the base architecture

* keeping most applications from v1.0 as base (OpenOffice, Inkscape, The Gimp, Firefox, Totem, Evince, gThumb, Tuxpaint)

Currently includes

* Flickr “interesting” photos
* Wikimedia Commons 2007 Pictures of the Year
* Jamendo music sampler
* music sampler
* MIT OCW top 10 downloaded courses
* Assorted videos from BoingBoing, Make, TED, CC, FreeMe DVD
* CC licensed texts

wo gibt’s das?

im netz. und zwar hier
(direktdownload: cc/ccLiveContent-2.0-FINAL.iso.torrent)
und ist ca. 2,3gb gross.

weitere informationen stehen hier

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