v-day music


“Flowers are over priced and played out. Candy is bad for your fangs. Solution: Peanut Butter Wolf’s Valentine’s Day Mix. […] This set was made for broadcast on Tokyo’s J Wave radio station and will be available on http://www.stonesthrow.com only through Valentine’s Day.”

Track list:

1. How Could You Break My Heart – Bobby Womack
2. Don’t Cha Love It – The Miracles
3. I Wanna Be Where You Are – Marvin Gaye
4. Blacks & Blues – Bobbi Humphrey
5. Blues Away – Micheal Jackson
6. Equal Love Opportunity – Clear
7. Pretty Music – New Birth
8. Go For What You Know – Archie Bell & The Drells
9. Aint It Funny – Roetation
10. Telephone Lovers – Alladin
11. Dance With Me Tonight – Holt Brothers
12. I Want Your Lovin – Backyard Construction
13. Loves Traffic – Loves Traffic
14. Someday In Your Life – GQ
15. Need To Be – Stereolab
16. Bring Me Coffee Or Tea – Can
17. Sirens Of Salo – Jimi Tenor
18. Ballata – Barry Forgie [quelle]

direktdownload: .mp3(26:26min/30,4mb)

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